About Shiznits

When Kelly Smith Janowiec decided to make a gift for a friend’s daughter’s birthday she had no idea that she was about to launch a new business. She used left over fabric to create something between a plush monster and a pillow. It was a hit at the party and Kelly’s husband suggested she sell them. She decided to call the creatures “Shiznits”— a nickname she often used for her three rambunctious boys when they were acting like little monsters.

Since then, eleven different characters have been born, each with its own name and personality. They are handmade in the USA using high quality fleece, decorator fabrics and trims, leather, and buttons. The large monsters are about the size of a throw pillow and each has a pocket on the back that can be used for stashing treasures. The runts do not have pockets but are a wonderful toy size.

And at the end of 2011, the Shiznits published their first book! With a warm understanding of what it’s like to be young (and young at heart!), the Shiznits help guide toward self-awareness and independent thinking. This little book is a collection of thoughts and insights from each of these adorable little monsters as they converse with us about the things they’ve learned from life.