The Gifting Experience

Shiznits make a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable gift-giving and gift-getting experience. When giving a Shiznit, you are giving more than just a cute plush toy. You are gently awakening the spirit and reminding them to reconnect to higher consciousness.

When an adult receives a Shiznit for the first time they usually smile and giggle with a confused look on their face like “what on earth is this?” Because Shiznits have a way of invoking curiosity, adults often end up checking out the website to learn that Shiznits are in support of conscious living. That’s when they become wow’d and love their Shiznit even more. They may even begin to feel the energy just by holding the monster.

When a child receives a Shiznit, at first they just think it’s cute, ugly or silly. Then they take it to sleep with them for the first time and unknowingly become connected to the monster and may even feel like their Shiznit protects them from bad monsters.

Every Shiznit comes with a blessing:

May your mind be filled with peace,
May your body be filled with health,
May your heart be filled with love,
and your life be filled with Divine Light.