Just back from a show!

This was Shiznits’ first year at Canterbury Fall Festival. I didn’t know what to expect but I was hopeful and I have to say it went really really well. Set up went smooth, the booth was adorable, the organizers were friendly and there was decent traffic most days. My mom was available to help at the show (thank you mom!) and I think she had just as much fun as I did. Part of the fun is meeting other artists, developing new friendships (and buying their goodies). Let’s just say I didn’t leave empty handed!

This show was so exciting to me because this was the first show that the entire line was there for. The original size, the runts, and the book were all there. It was so cool to have the book there. It was an absolute hit and brought meaning to the Shiznits. It was so fun to see the look on the people’s faces as they tried to figure out what these little creatures were. My customers have taught me that Shiznits aren’t just for children. They bring smiles and joy to all ages.

I was in such a creative mode before the show, I even made fabric flower brooches, hair accessories and magnet boards just to spice up the booth!  Considering I don’t have girls in my house I truly enjoyed dressing up my girlie shiznits in pretty flower accessories. Doesn’t Gertie look flirty, sporting a yellow flower in her hair?   This was a looooooooong but very fun show. Will definitely be back in the Spring!